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This page considers the threat of harmful microorganisms with reference to biological warfare, infectious diseases and genetic mutations and points to some useful website research material about harmful microorganisms.

Harmful microorganisms and the threat of biological warfare agents, infectious diseases, and water and food supply contaminants.

The world at large is right to be concerned about the use of pathogens by terrorists or nations as a result of biological warfare. These issues were the underlying cause of the Iraq conflict and still sit uneasily in the minds of the western world.

Genetic mutations

However, a different type of harmful microorganisms threat, the release, either intentionally or unintentionally, of laboratory strains and genetically modified organisms, is under-estimated. These include natural, highly antibiotic-resistant commercial strains, as well as bacteria that were created whether by genetic manipulations such as rapid DNA shuffling or by rationally designed point mutations. Such harmful microorganisms can interact with human pathogens and can easily change the microbial diversity and ecology that we know today.

Plant pathogens

We have already experienced an example of such release in the case of the antibiotic-resistant human opportunistic pathogen Burkholderia cepacia. This plant pathogen is used in agriculture as a biocontrol agent and in the bioremediation of toxic chemicals. The harmful microorganisms Burkholderia cepacia is still released into the environment as a bioremediation agent, despite the fact that it is now recognized to be a cause of devastating infections inpatients with cystic fibrosis and in other vulnerable individuals, and its use in agriculture is controlled by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Harmful Microorganisms

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