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MicroorganismsMicroorganisms - Information on the top microbe related searches. Covering bacteria, effective and harmful microbes as well as microbe pictures, details of microorganisms in water and the living soil and more.

The effective microorganisms page considers the benefits for agriculture and human health with information about composting household waste, a section about those yogart based health drinks and links to other detailed research material on effective microorganisms.


Effective microorganisms (EM) technology has now become a major science, assisting in the creation of sustainable practices for agriculture, animal husbandry, nature farming, environmental stewardship, construction, human health and hygiene, industrial, community activities and more.

EM for Agriculture and Community Health

The basic concept of EM in Agriculture is that multiple applications of beneficial and effective microorganisms improve the health of soils that produce healthy crops. EM is effective in organic farming as an alternative to chemicals. Its range of applications since 1982, has expanded into livestock and aquaculture as well as into Community Health areas such as waste treatment and other environmental applications. Today, EM has become very popular and is used in over 100 countries worldwide.


Apart from Agriculture, the most often recognised application of EM is composting your household waste.

A "brew" of effective microorganisms can be added to your waste material in your composter which works on the waste and breaks it down. The beneficial role of this microbial solution has the ability to break down organic matter, thereby providing plant nutrients and enhancing physical and chemical properties.

Yogarty drinks with bacteria in them

The functional food market is growing at a rate of 15-20% per year, with rising consumer interest in health and continued strong growth in the soft drinks market.

Yogurt-based, low acid, nutraceutical beverages targeted to adults and elderly person's needs have recently hit the market. They generally contain effective microorganisms as viable probiotic bacteria ABC type cultures and Maca (Lepidium Meyenii or Lepidium Peruvianum) as a supplement. Maca is a natural product very well known for its invigorating properties, promoting mental clarity, treating impotence, menstrual irregularities, and hormonal imbalance. The yogurt based drink formulation generally consist of yogurt, maca, glucose, stabilizer, natural and artificial flavors, and colorants.

They are very popular amongst marketeers. For further information about effective microorganisms, Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods, please refer to : Food Expo report - functional food and microorganisms. ift.confex.com

Bacteriophage Lambda combined lytic and lysogenic cycles in a bacterial cell

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

University of Okinawa research science paper - a good reference paper on microorganisms in Organic farming www.agriton.nl

Sustainable Community Development world - examples of products. www.emtrading.com

Local Authority based Composting article - Home based composting: EM (Effective Micro-Organisms) an article about composting and re-cyling www.ccc.govt.nz

Wikipedia - Effective Microorganisms article/post. en.wikipedia.org

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