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Information on the top microbe related searches. Covering bacteria, effective and harmful microbes as well as microbe pictures, details of microorganisms in water and the living soil and more.

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Yeast: Candida albicans


Definitions of a microorganism

Any organism that can be seen only with the aid of a microscope; also called a microbe.

A small life form that requires a microscope for it to be seen.

Living organisms or living things (plants or animals) so small in size that they are only visible by the aid of a microscope.

A microorganism, or microbe, is any organism too small to be seen by the naked eye.

An organism that can be seen only under a microscope. Categories of microorganisms include Algae, Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Viruses, or Subviral Agents. Also referred to as microbe.

A living thing, such as bacteria or yeast, visible only with a microscope.

Only from a human perspective

This site will discuss the benefits and harmful effects of such microorganisms to the areas of human consumption and human health. It is only to ourselves as human beings that we consider these effects, after all, to another microorganism we may be considered to be a benefit as a tasty morsel or smelly host!

Starting point for more information

The site is primarily a starting point for further information about microorganisms with pointers to other useful research and background material contained in other websites. Whether you are a student at school or simply browsing through the subject, I hope that you find the information helpful.

BacteriaBacteria - The Bacteria page provides some background, classification and morphology of bacteria and points you to other research sites on their chemistry, structure and benefits.

Effective MicroorganismsEffective Microorganisms - The effective microorganisms page considers the benefits for agriculture and human health with information about composting household waste, a section about those yogart based health drinks and links to other detailed research material on effective microorganisms.

Microorganisms in WaterWater Microbes - There are microorganisms in water and this page describes some of the common microbes including bacteria, viruses and protozoa which with other living worms are all microorganisms in water.

Harmful MicroorganismsHarmful Microbes - This page considers the threat of harmful microorganisms with reference to biological warfare, infectious diseases and genetic mutations and points to some useful website research material about harmful microorganisms.

Picture of a MicroorganismMicrobe Pictures - The picture of a microorganism page contains some lovely virus pictures and links to other sites where you can view another picture of a microorganism such as protozoa, yeast, bacteria or algae.

Living Soil and MicroorganismsLiving Soil Microbes - Living soil and microorganisms abound, here you will find details of these micrflora such as fungi, bacteria and algae with links to other research sites for further information about the living soil and microorganisms.

List of MicroorganismsList of Microbes - This is a list of microorganisms including more details of fungi, protozoa, algae, bacteria, archaebacteria and viruses with links to other reference sites with their list of microorganisms.

Types of MicroorganismsTypes of Microorganisms - This page lists the types of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and helminths and also defines the two main living groups prokaryotes and eukaryotes with links to other reference sites showing types of microorganisms.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

NASA reference site - A reference list of related words for research. spaceflight.nasa.gov

SDNHM - another glossary of terms relating to diseases, epidemics and microorganisms. www.sdnhm.org

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